L Filmmakers in Focus SUZUKI Shirouyasu:An Extremely Personal Approach to Filmmaking

SUZUKI Shirouyasu, who is also a poet, has produced many works in which he incisively addresses the universal question of the nature of visual expression from a completely personal perspective as a filmmaker who shoots his own surroundings. A leading creator of personal films, he has had a major influence on the field of moving images. This program traces the changes in SUZUKI Shirouyasu’s thought from Impression of Sunset, when he first gained confidence in his own filmmaking, to his masterpiece, 15 Days, a diary film in which the subject shifted to himself.

L1SUZUKI Shirouyasu : Selected Works 1

L2SUZUKI Shirouyasu : Selected Works 2

L3SUZUKI Shirouyasu : Selected Works 3

L4SUZUKI Shirouyasu : Selected Works 4

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