L3 SUZUKI Shirouyasu : Selected Works 3

Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):9/29 18:30
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):11/23 11:30
1work 90min.

The act of filming with oneself as the subject reveals the essence of cinema. Alongside Impression of Sunset, this is one of SUZUKI Shirouyasu’s most important works. It is a prime example of diary filmmaking in which the filmmaker relates each day’s events to the camera over a period of fifteen days. Along with reconstructing the relationship between filmmaker and subject, through repeating the act of speaking to an unmanned camera every day the filmmaker’s thought develops toward the fundamental question of “what is it that creates cinema?”
15 Days SUZUKI Shirouyasu / 16mm (digital version) / 90min / 1980 / Japan

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