C East Asian Experimental Competition3

【TOKYO】Theatre Image Forum:9/18(SUN) 13:30、9/20(TUE) 16:00
【KYOTO】Kyoto Minami Kaikan:10/8(SAT) 18:30
【NAGOYA】Aichi Arts Center:11/23(WED) 15:45

4 works, 98 min.

Taiwan / Germany

The Lighting

Musquiqui CHIHYING / digital / 21min. / 2021

People who make cameras have not thought about black people’s skin. This documentary explores issues of discrimination regarding the development of technology and moving image production. It discusses various attempts to combat discrimination, such as how a Taiwanese semiconductor maker designed the camera algorithm for a smartphone popular in Africa.

Musquiqui CHIHYING
Musquiqui CHIHYING is a filmmaker based in Taipei and Berlin. He explores the cultural and social identities constructed through the flow and circulation of audiovisual elements in physical and virtual spacetime. Specialising in the use of multimedia such as film and sound, he investigates the human condition and environmental system in the age of global capitalisation.



Katsuki Nogami / digital / 3min. / 2021

A garden in a dilapidated house. The desolate scene of snow fluttering down is suddenly changed by the abrupt coming and going of an enormous stone statue. Does the image of various manmade objects that have fulfilled their purpose and are no longer of any use falling down symbolize the depopulation of towns and villages? A distinctive work in which the scene of objects crashing to cover the garden down while making rattling noises can feel like both an explosion of anger and a shout of joy.

Katsuki Nogami
Studied at Olafur Eliasson’s Institut für Raumexperimente in Berlin Art University. Graduated from the Christophe Charles seminar, the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Musashino Art University in Japan. Nominated and awarded for numerous film festivals including ifva, Behind the Mac, U30 Forbes Japan, Rookie of the year Japan media arts festivals. The public works, sponsored and managed by the Chishima Foundation, are exhibited permanently in Kitakagaya, Osaka.


I’m Late

KABUKI Sawako / digital / 10min. / 2021

“I haven’t gotten my period. ”How would you or your partner react if you were told or said this? Sex, pregnancy, childbirth ̶ an animated work in which real voices discussing topics related to “sex” that we tend to avoid here in Japan emerge through a documentary style. In it the filmmaker, acclaimed for an erotic and comical style, pioneers new territory.

Sawako KABUKI is an animated film director, born in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. After working as an assistant director in a Japanese porn video company, she joined the graphic design department of Tama Art University from which she graduated in 2016. She is now mainly involved in the production of slightly erotic animation films, for herself and for private clients (MTV in particular). Her films have won more than 20 awards and have been selected in numerous international festivals in more than 20 countries. Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight (2016) was the first Japanese student film to win an award at Annecy.


Dozens of Norths

YAMAMURA Koji / digital / 64min. / 2021

An animated version of illustrations that have appeared on the cover of Bungakukai magazine. The filmmaker’s first feature-length film, it has received acclaim at various international film festivals, including Annecy and Zagreb. “The North, any North, is lonely.” “This is a memory of someone encountered in the North.” Every shot is composed like an intricate painting, and the surrealistic scenery unfolds together with a chyron of mysterious monologue.

Born in 1964. During the 1990s, He was making films for children. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short, Mt. Head (2002) had 6 grand prizes and selected 100 Films for a Century of Animation. Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor (2007) had 6 grand prizes, his films got awarded more than 100 prizes. He has been selected as the 2 place at 25 top short animated films directors over the last 25 years in 2021. He received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2019. A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a sub-chairman of the Japan Animation Association and a member of the board of directors of ASIFA.

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