A East Asian Experimental Competition1

【TOKYO】Theatre Image Forum:9/17(SAT) 13:30、9/20(TUE) 18:30
【KYOTO】Kyoto Minami Kaikan:10/8(SAT) 13:30
【NAGOYA】Aichi Arts Center:11/23(WED) 11:00

4 works, 104 min.

China / France

One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean

WANG Yuyan / digital / 12min. / 2021

While the sea is being painted on a canvass, suddenly the picture rushes into a series of images. Giant waves swarming the shore, people playing in swim rings, packed seawater baths, collapsing icebergs. These images are lifted from “satisfying videos” on the Internet. Is this praise or criticism of a world with information overload?

WANG Yuyan
Wang Yuyan (b. 1989, China) is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist living in Paris. She graduated from Le Fresnoy – National Studio of Contemporary Arts in 2020 and Beaux – Arts of Paris in 2016. She takes inspiration from the endless media production underpinned by industrial productivity. Her works oscillate between film and installation, often in an immersive perspective with a disintegrat- ing abstraction process. Her latest work is the film ONE THOUSAND AND ONE ATTEMPTS TO BE AN OCEAN (2021) which was selected at Berlinale 2021.



MAEDA Aozora / digital / 12min. / 2022

Sitting at a low table, a man stares at the pot in front of him. His body affected by the bubbles that finally emerge, He drowns in a hallucination of being chased by a one-armed girl. The hallucination of a character depicted with rotoscoping develops with an unexpected shift to a 3D CG space. This is a work of animation with a high degree of experimentality. “Kaigan (Crab eyes)” refers to water boiling in a pot; the tiny bubbles that form resemble the eyes of a crab.

MAEDA Aozora
Born in Saitama, Japan in 1999. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, the department of cinema. Mainly works on the idea of rotoscopic imagery, expanding the spatial representation using live-action and 3DCG materials. Other works include BOX (2021).


A Bite of Bone

YANO Honami / digital / 10min. / 2021

“Honekami” ‒ a ritual to mourn the dead by eating bones a bit of ash. The filmmaker, who was traumatized by being unable to bite his father’s bones, faced his own past in making this animation. The vividness of memories from his early childhood are expressed with intricate pointillism that boldly metamorphizes. This work was awarded the Grand Prize for Best Short at the 2021 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

YANO Honami
Born in 1991 on a small island in Japan. During her college years she went on an exchange program to the Rhode Island School of Design, which led her to discover independent animation. Received the master degree at the Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media. “A Bite of Bone” (2021) won the grand prize for short animation at the 45th edition of the Ottawa International Animation Festival.


Melting Icecream

HONG Jinhwon / digital / 70min. / 2021

Photographs of the democratization movement in the 1980s were discovered in the warehouse of the Korea Democracy Foundation. The filmmaker was asked to restore damaged photographs, and a sense of “being after” the generation of democratization deepened. An impassioned work that asks where the power to make history visible lies through materials such as archival video and interviews. It is also valuable film in understanding the political situation in South Korea today.

HONG Jinhwon
His main job is to gaze at the deviated landscapes unintentionally created by humans and collect them with a camera. He held six solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions. He co-operated a space with his colleagues where they planned exhibitions and programs. Sometimes he programs, develops websites, writes, and cooks. Ah. Now, he also makes movies.

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