M Filmmakers in Focus: KAWANAKA Nobuhiro

A special program featuring major works by KAWANAKA Nobuhiro, a pioneering filmmaker and leading figure in the world of personal and experimental film in Japan. From structuralist films that use techniques such as reshooting and multiple screens to reference the particular characteristics of film as a medium to diary films created by always having a camera in hand to shoot everyday life, this program looks back at sixty years of expression grounded in the “personal” inspired by the words of Jonas MEKAS: “We must do it ourselves; nobody will do it for us…”

M1KAWANAKA Nobuhiro Special Program 1
The Foundation of “Shooting”

M2KAWANAKA Nobuhiro Special Program 2
Film Speaks to Us

M3KAWANAKA Nobuhiro Special Program 3
Everyday Adventures

M4KAWANAKA Nobuhiro Special Program 4
“I” Novels

M5KAWANAKA Nobuhiro Special Program 5
Journeys and Time

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