G9 Film in Shelter / KAWASAKI, JAPAN “Program in Refuge:
Kawasaki City Museum’s “Intersection of Contemporary Music and Film in the 1950s to the 1970s”and Typhoon Hagibis 2”

【TOKYO】Theatre Image Forum:9/27(MON)18:30

1work, 107min.

Part of a 2019 Kawasaki City Museum program that was cancelled because of damage from Typhoon Hagibis is reproduced here at the Image Forum Festival.

Program presented by: Kawasaki City Museum

The Ondegoza KATO Tai / 35mm(digital version) / 105min. / 1981 / Japan

Kato Tai’s last work, this unique documentary features the Sadogashima performing arts group “Ondekoza”, and mixes elements of fiction. For a long time, there were few opportunities to screen the film, but it was digitally remastered in 2015. The performance of “Ondekoza” encounters the electronic music of Ichiyanagi, and creates a unique acoustic space.

◎There will be a program introduction video by Kanako Nakanishi (Kawasaki City Museum) after the screening.

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