Prize-Winning Works of East Asian Experimental Competition

This year’s “East Asian Experimental Competition” received a total of 322 submissions from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea, and after two carefully conducted rounds of screening 26 works were selected for nomination. The final evaluation was conducted during the screenings at the Tokyo venue by the three jurors listed below.
On 4th October, award ceremony has held at Spiral Hall, and 6 works were awarded prizes and 1 work was selected by the audience’s voting, it’s as below.



>> Scene from the Award Ceremony
 (Top right of the screen: NAKAMURA Yuko, Final Jury / Bottom of the screen: WANG Mowen, Director of TRINITY)


■Prize-Winning Works and Jury’s comments

Grand Prize
Trinity  WANG Mowen / digital / 19min. / 2020 (China)

『三位一体』ワン・モーウェン Trinity by WANG Mowen

The film is interestingly waving together the personal world of the filmmaker with the spiritual world. The Film is visually also really strong film, combining very different visual style into one film, which is daring and challenging work too. Because of the strong and unique approach of filmmaking style.


TERAYAMA Shuji Prize
Toward Zero  ITO Takashi / digital / 72min. / 2021 (Japan)

『零へ』伊藤高志 Toward Zero by ITO Takashi

Very powerful work. A fresh horror film wich tresspasses between life and death. The juries were strucken by the passion and the energy, and the fresh sentation bursting out from this film which made by a filmmaker who has a long career and already a high reputation.


Kids Behind the Doors  NISHIO Akino / 8min. / 2021 (Japan)

『戯れ子ばこ』西尾秋乃 Kids Behind the Doors by NISHIO Akino

The experience and interested which everone went through in their youth. The emotion which is hidden deep among us is portrayed brilliantly in the film. The source of creativity lays abundantly in our daily life.


Award for Excellence
Welcome to Nan!  KURIHARA Mie / digital / 166min. / 2021 (Japan)

『ウェルカム・トゥ・ナーン!』栗原みえ Welcome to Nan! by KURIHARA Mie

A documentary who can only made by the filmmaker who jumps into the world and communicate with other people like no one else. It makes us feel that we want to head out for a journey.


N.P  Lisa SPILLIAERT / 60min. / 2020 (Japan, Belgium)

『N・P』リサ・スピリアールト N.P by Lisa SPILLIAERT

Inspiring tenderly viewer’s imagination in a silent film style, the film captures the special sensation of the original novel. The approach in the film is eye-opening.


After the riots, before the liberation  IU Chung Hong / digital / 15min. / 2020 (Hong Kong)

『暴動の後、光復の前』イウ・ジョンホン After the riots, before the liberation by IU Chung Hong

The film carry the important topic and memory of the 2019 protest in HK. The poetic narrative from the filmmaker is present though the beautiful black and white photography and the text from the street left behind by the protester in HK.


Audience Award in Tokyo
Welcome to Nan!  KURIHARA Mie / digital / 166min. / 2021 (Japan)


Audience Award in Kyoto
Toward Zero  ITO Takashi / digital / 72min. / 2021 (Japan)


Audience Award in Nagoya
Kids Behind the Doors  NISHIO Akino / 8min. / 2021 (Japan)


■Final Evaluation Jury

ARIKUNI Keisuke (Project Director, Flowplateaux co., ltd. / Japan)
THAIDDHI (Wathann Film Festival Programmer / Myanmar)
NAKAMURA Yuko (Film Director / Japan)


ノミネート作家の皆さん Nominated filmmakers

>> Nominated filmmakers who attended the Award Ceremony
 (From left to right: KIM Hakhyun, IWASAKI Hirotoshi, MATSUDA Takaki, MURAOKA Yuri, KURIHARA Mie, GOSHIMA Kazuhiro, TEZKA Macoto, SUZUKI Ririko, NOVE Hayato)



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