K1 History of Japanese Experimental Film1

Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):9/28 11:00, 9/30 15:45
5works 80min.

A screening of historically important works from the 1960s, the early days of experimental film in Japan. This introduction to major works of the 1960s includes Emotion, a work representative of the personal films director OBAYASHI Nobuhiko released continuously until his death in 2020, Ishikkoro, a film by TAKABAYASHI Yoichi, another early pioneer of personal films, The Art of Fugue, the world’s first CG animated film, Illusion City, a film by SHIMAMURA Tatsuo who would go on to helm Shirogumi Inc. and make a major contribution to Japanese cinema, and Boy with Cat, a film by Donald RICHIE who, along with OBAYASHI and TAKABAYASHI, was a member of “Film Independents.”

Ishikkoro  TAKABAYASHI Yoichi / 8mm (digital version) / 28min / 1960
Boy with Cat  Donald RICHIE / 16mm (digital version) / 4min / 1962
Emotion OBAYASHI Nobuhiko / 16mm (digital version) / 39min / 1966-67
Illusionary City SHIMAMURA Tatsuo / 35mm (digital version) / 6min / 1967
The Art of Fugue YAMADA Manabu and TSUKIO Yoshio / 16mm / 3min

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