J Vivid Memories, Bright Dreams: Selected Experimental Works from South East Asia

Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):9/28 21:15, 9/30 13:15
4works 75min.

Up and coming artists from South East Asia who have received acclaim at film festivals around the world. Their powerful cinematic persuasiveness is dazzling. People on Sunday, a homage to the pre-war German film of the same title, humorously explores the relationship between “seeing and being seen.” Ant-Man depicts the daily life of a gay man whose body has become the home of ants. Bittersweet is a“ photographic diary film” that documents time spent with a mother who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. With a garishly pop style, Vinegar Baths offers a peek at the small joys of breaktime for hardworking nurses. New works by four artists who have triumphed at international film festivals.

Vinegar Baths
People on Sunday Tulapop SAENJAROEN / digital / 20min. / 2020 / Thailand
Ant-Man Viet VU / digital / 27min. / 2018 / Vietnam
Bittersweet Sohrab HURA / digital / 14min. / 2019 / India
Vinegar Baths Amanda Nell EU / digital / 14min. / 2018 / Malaysia

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