R Filmmakers in Focus: TANAAMI Keiichi

This program features the video works of Keiichi TANAAMI, an internationally acclaimed graphic designer and artist. Keiichi TANAAMI was influenced by the underground and psychedelic culture of the 1960s, and has produced a series of paintings in which he has developed a gorgeously colored graphic based on images from his childhood memories and war experiences, as well as numerous animation works. He has also created many sophisticated video works that combine the process of design and design techniques with optical processing, and is one of Japan’s leading experimental film artists.
This screening traces the path for more than half a century, from his early experimental films and experimental animation, which have been recently restored and digitized, to his latest animation work, “Red Shadows”.

R1TANAAMI Keiichi special program 1

R2TANAAMI Keiichi special program 2

R3TANAAMI Keiichi special program 3

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