Q El Gran Movimiento

【TOKYO】Theatre Image Forum:9/19(MON) 18:30、9/23(FRI) 21:00
【KYOTO】Kyoto Minami Kaikan:10/10(MON) 18:30

1 work, 85 min.

Bolivia, Qatar, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom

El Gran Movimiento

Kiro RUSSO / digital / 85min. / 2021

Capital of Bolivia, La Paz is at an altitude of 3600m. A young miner who spent one week to visit this town gets a mysterious disease. Doctors try to heal him with medical herbs and spells. His nightmare merges with the town and the audience would be dazzled by its supernatural consciousness. Chosen for many awards including Orizzonti Special Jury Prize at Venice Film Festival, a city symphonic film of La Paz.

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