K Buharov Brothers: Land of Warm Waters

【TOKYO】Theatre Image Forum:9/20(TUE) 21:00、9/22(THU) 11:00
【KYOTO】Kyoto Minami Kaikan:10/13(THU) 13:30

2 works, 89min.

The Bukharov brothers Igor and Ivan, a Hungarian mystery film duo who have been releasing anarchic works on 8mm film since the 1990s and are making their first appearance in Japan.
Ayahuasca, radio waves, humanized cactus, widespread skin diseases and witchcraft…. The characters are preoccupied with their own pseudo-scientific/futuristic agendas. Their work, full of anarchic power, looks like a child’s doodling or an allegory for the contemporary political situation in Europe. A stop-motion animated film is rich in visuals, “The Blessing of Cryptography,” will be screened in conjunction with the film.

Land of Warm Waters
Oneheadword Protection Igor and Ivan BUHAROV / 7min. / 2006 / Hungary
and of Warm Waters Igor and Ivan BUHAROV / 82min. / 2021 / Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Norway
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