Qingnian Express: New Voices and Visions of Chinese Independent Cinema Today

This short film program uses the idea of “qingnian” to think about creativity and the cinematic future for Chinese independent cinema by presenting the refreshing voices and visions from a highly diversified group of emerging independent filmmakers based in the metropolises as well as the second-/third-tier cities in China and the globe.

Curated by TONG Shan (BISFF) & MA Ran (Nagoya University, Screen Studies)
Supported by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), JSPS KAKENHI 22 K00230
Cooperated by Beijing International Short Film Festival

G1Lost / Found Hometowns

G2Acts of Remembering

G3Experimental Kaleidoscope

G4Every Encounter a Poetry

G5Amazing Debuts 1

G6Amazing Debuts 2

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