F East Asian Experimental Competition6

【TOKYO】Theatre Image Forum:9/26(SUN)15:45、9/30(THU)15:45
【KYOTO】Lumen Gallery:10/31(SUN)13:15
【NAGOYA】Aichi Arts Center:11/27(SAT)15:45

1work, 166min.


Welcome to Nan!

KURIHARA Mie / digital / 166min. / 2021

Fascinating footage set in a rural area, shot during nine days, begins with a welcoming ceremony of wrapping a thread around the wrist. A camera, taking up the role of the author’s eye, records scenes such as dismantling pigs and playing with children. In recent years, Mie KURIHARA has consistently been producing self-documentaries in Thailand and has won the grand prize at IFF 2018. Her new film is breaking new ground with stoic photography echoing Frederick Wiseman!

Born in 1971. A graduate from Image Forum Institute of Moving Image. A fan of cinema and wandering around.

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