K2 History of Japanese Experimental Film2

Spiral Hall(TOKYO):10/2 17:00
8works 68min.

This program introduces the golden era of Japanese experimental film, the 1970s. Along with numerous visual experiments using techniques like stop-motion and re-shooting, this era also produced diverse works in various styles the likes of which the world had never seen. It was also a decade that saw the start of regular cinematheque initiatives and the appearance of many new filmmakers. Inspiring each other, they produced many important works that have earned their place in history, and even today the works from this period continue to receive considerable attention from overseas film festivals and art galleries. A special screen is used to present TERAYAMA Shuji’s Der Prozess, a work that requires the audience to hammer nails into the screen.

Der Prozess
Along South Bay NAKAJIMA Takashi / 8mm (digital version) / 3min / 1971
Switch Back KAWANAKA Nobuhiro / 16mm (digital version) / 9min / 1976
LE CINEMA OKUYAMA Jun’ichi / 16mm (digital version) / 5min / 1975
Dutchman’s Photographs KOTA Isao / 16mm (digital version) / 7min / 1976
Coffee Break FURUKAWA Taku / 31mm (digital version) / 3min / 1977
Orochi UDAGAWA Koyo / 16mm (digital version) / 4min / 1978
Still Movie NAGATA Yoichi / 16mm (digital version) / 3min / 1978
Der Prozess TERAYAMA Shuji / 16mm / 34min / 1975

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