F East Asian Experimental Competition6

Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):9/27 18:30, 10/1 15:45
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):11/22 16:30
1works 115min.


The Pregnant Tree and the Goblin

KIM Dongryung, PARK Kyoungtae / digital / 115min. / 2019

A U.S. military base is planned for demolishment, and the adjacent entertainment district is also turning into ruins. Park In-sun, a former US military comfort woman, immerses herself in folklore in order to survive. Reality or fiction no longer has any meaning, it is simply the story of her world. By fusing documentary and fantasy, this film depicts comfort women from an unprecedented perspective by staying close to the inner life of a woman living with her suffering. (GOSHIMA Kazuhiro)

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