Prize-Winning Works of East Asian Experimental Competition

22 nominated works were screened 2 times each at Tokyo and the final evaluation has conducted by the three jurors during these screenings. On 23rd September, award ceremony has held at Spiral Hall.
5 works were awarded prizes and 1 work was selected by the audience’s voting, it’s as below.
Grand Prize / Given to one / Award Certificate, 300,000JPY:
Night Horse  Jeroen Van Der Stock / digital / 19min. / 2019 / Japan, Belgium
Terayama Shuji Prize / Given to one / Award Certificate, 100,000JPY:
Bath House of Whales  Kiyama Mizuki / digital / 7min. / 2019 / Japan
Award for Excellence / Given to three / Award Certificate, 30,000JPY:
Splash  Shen Jie / digital / 9min. / 2019 / China
Last Year When the Train Passed by  Huang Pang Chuan / digital / 17min. / 2018 / Taiwan, France
Kinta and Ginji  Dairiki Takuya, MIURA Takashi / digital / 84min. / 2019 / Japan
Audience Award (in Tokyo) / Given to one / Award Certificate:
Japan, the Beautiful or Ambiguous, and Ourselves  Tomotosi / digital / 19min. / 2019 / Japan
Jury Comments:
Night Horse
Surprising audio-visual art at its best possible unthinkable way that lives a long lasting impression in our mind. (F.P)
A work that doesn’t use special techniques or new forms of expression, but whose images and sensations nevertheless grab hold of you. Sections with dropped frames stimulate the viewer’s imagination, and offer a very odd experience in which it is as though something not burned onto film makes it all the way into your body. (T)
Bath House of Whales
From my perspective as a Korean, its scenes enter my mind as a shared childhood memory. I greatly admire the director’s observational gaze and talent for putting it into moving images. (K.J)
Is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t like this work? A masterpiece! Every aspect of expression is a success – technique, characters, story, the way of creating a space, and so on. I want to see many more works directed by Kiyama Mizuki. (T)
SPLASH gave me the same feeling of “the possibilities of the moving image being expanded with the creation of this film” I used to get watching Image Forum Festival prize-winning works when I was a student. When it came to experimental moving images at that time, whenever a significant work was created possibilities radiated outward from it. Today, when devices for creating images have increased and it feels like expression has been exhausted, we can still be excited by the birth of such works. (T)
Last Year When the Train Passed by
This work had the most striking and experimental approach among all of those I saw at this year’s festival. (K.J)
Kinta and Ginji
Slow cinema with highly artistic and witty meaningless conversation that shows an effortless mastery of storytelling. (F.P)
We would also like to add that we are pleased to see not one but three experimental documentary films — Roberto by KUNIMOTO Takashi, Japan, the Beautiful or Ambiguous, and Ourselves by Tomotosi, and Seeing the Same Moon by TAKEMURA Nozomi — that we believe will go out reaching wider audience and inspire more people like they did to us here at the 33rd Image Forum Festival. (All)
Tabaimo (contemporary artist / Japan)
Kim Jiha (resercher, film curator / Korea)
Fransiska Prihadi (film programmer / Indonesia)

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