Otohime 20000

NIIYA Naoyuki

digital / color / 36min. / 2018 / Japan
Sound: KOUCHI Takurou, YAMAGUCHI Hiromasa / music: YODA Marie, NAGASHIMA Hiroyuki, YAMAGUCHI Hiromasa / voice appearance: KATO Kenso, SAITO Nasuka, SHIOZUKA Kazuyo, UGAZIN Akihiro, NISHINA Takashi

The troubles of the protagonist who lives in a wooden apartment building and his strange neighbors. He meets a girl who claims to have come from 20,000 years in the future and they start living together…


Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):9/14 15:45 Program A
Spiral Hall(TOKYO):9/21 10:40 Program A
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):11/8 14:00 Program A

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