The awarded films and Jury comments

The prize presentation ceremony for the East Asian Experimental Competition was held on August 12th at Spiral Hall during the Tokyo portion of the festival, and prizes were presented to five works as follows.

Grand Prize / Given to one / Award Certificate, 300,000 JPY
Slow Motion, Stop Motion  KURIHARA Mie/digital/153min./2018

Terayama Shuji Prize / Given to one / Award Certificate, 100,000 JPY
One Phrase Theater SAKURAI Jun × FURUKAWA Taku/digital/37min./2018(Japan)

Award for Excellence / Given to three / Award Certificate, 30,000 JPY
Compliance Level 0 HAN Sung Nam/digital/23min./2018
Jujuba IKEZOE Shun/8mm/8min./2018
Miasma, Plants, Export Paintings Bo Wang, Pan Lu/digital/28min./2017


Jury comments

Grand Prize
Slow Motion, Stop Motion
First, the effort not to glamorize the act of filming. Second, the caution exercised in order to avoid being swayed by compassion when looking at a difficult situation, and the delicately chosen words this caution engendered. Third, the tenderness of the filmmaker’s placing a soft veil over the sharp edges of exposing the everyday lives of the people who appear in the film by treating herself as the most ridiculous clown. The “displayed intuition and intellect hiding wisdom” the director has acquired in her life thus far etches these three beautiful points in film. It was a moment in which various wise decisions created a very rare expression of “harmony.”

Terayama Shuji Prize
One Phrase Theater
Rhythmic, playful and bitingly funny, one phrase theater peppers us with a political critique that we’d normally like to avoid. With a soundtrack mixing pleasure and pain, watch for the amazing intermission.

Award for Excellence
Compliance Level 0
A spare cool aesthetic and concentrated address leaves the audience no escape from a tense confrontation between a temporary employee and 2 permanent employees representing a large corporation. A story of precarious labor and prejudice that we are all implicated in, one way and the other.

An intimate, poetic and honestly expressed story told in a magical and sensual way.

Miasma, Plants, Export Paintings
As a critical representation of colonial history, this film skilfully uses archival imagery alongside popular cinema to offer a complex narrative of the city of Hongkong, pointing to its resonances in the construction of contemporary society.

Image Forum Festival 2018
East Asian Experimental Competition
Final evaluation jury
Shelly SILVER(filmmaker/USA)
Shai HEREDIA (filmmaker, director of Experimenta/India)
KURODA Ikuyo(BATIK’s leader, choreographer, dancer/Japan)


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