One Phrase Theater


digital / color / 37min. / 2018 / Japan

A collaboration with composer and lyricist SAKURAI Jun, a giant of commercial music known for songs like Kuro no funauta performed by NOSAKA Akiyuki. A very short-form series published on an irregular basis in mid-2012 immediately after the earthquake and nuclear power plant disasters in an online literary journal called Weekly Territory, it aims at being a modern “Sunday entertainment magazine” that wide-rangingly includes social satire, wordplay, and philosophical observations. (F.T.)

A collection of very short (under a minute) animated works first published at irregular intervals after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and nuclear power plant accident in an online literary journal. Moving the Tsukiji fish market, an aging society, the EU crisis, the Senkaku islands, Abenomics, “It’s me” fraud – the current era is reflected through a satirical approach to social conditions brimming with black humor. An open intellectual encounter between these two giants demonstrates without regret the power of words and images given a temporal axis.(M.Y.)


Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/7 13:00 Program C
Spiral Hall(TOKYO):8/11 16:20 Program C
Lumen Gallery(KYOTO):8/25 19:00 Program C
Yokohama Museum of Art(YOKOHAMA):9/16 16:30 Program C
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):9/29 16:30 Program C