8mm / color / 8min. / 2018 / Japan

Script, director, camera, editor: IKEZOE Shun / cast: UENO Shinya, ZHU Yiran / music: Hakobune

People cannot understand each other. My former Chinese stepmother lies at the root of this feeling. The past when Sichuanese and Kansai dialects flew back and forth and she used “big sister” as her first person pronoun is reflected on expired 8mm color reversal film. Its expiry date was the year “big sister” left.(I.S.)

The stepmother of a young Chinese person went away, leaving behind words in keeping with Chinese Taoist philosophy: “When one person discovers another person’s flaws, the souls of both are perfected.” Early childhood memories of living with her emerge in fragments like blurry 8mm images. Nationality, language, gender – can people understand each other even if all of these are different? “Life is like a wandering journey,” she whispers like a spirit inside “my” mind.(Y.S.)


Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/6 15:45 Program B
Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/11 13:40 Program B
Lumen Gallery(KYOTO):8/25 16:15 Program B
Yokohama Museum of Art(YOKOHAMA):9/16 14:00 Program B
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):9/29 14:00 Program B