S-8 U3000

2orks 64min

Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/8 15:45、8/12 21:15

U3000 Episode 2: Joseph BEUYS + India Christoph SCHLINGENSIEF / digital / 35min. / 2000 / Germany
U3000 Folge 7: Africa Christoph SCHLINGENSIEF / digital / 29min. / 2001 / Germany

Widening his activity to film, theater, and art action, SCHLINGENSIEF started his own political party and had become a star on TV, having a large influence over Germany’s cultural discourse. In this TV series, Schlingensief tried to destroy the preexisting concept of television, while borrowing the format of a TV show. The show, aired from 2000 to 2001, brought strong attention.