S-5 Freakstars 3000

1work 75min

Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/7 18:30、8/9 21:15

Freakstars 3000


digital / 75min. / 2003 / Germany / Subtitles supported by: School of Letters, Osaka University “Program for cultivating personnel for art festivals in cooperation with theaters, concert halls, and art museums”

This talent-excavating movie chases an auditioning from various mentally or physically disabled people for 7 members of the band “Mutter Sucht Schrauben” [lit.: Mother Seeks Screws]. Is this a documentary, or is it all staged? Is this a participation of the oppressed or exploitation that was done under the name of art? A movie version of the most popular TV show on “VIVA”, a channel popular within German young adults.