S-3 Terror 2000-Intensivstation Deutschland

1work 60min

Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/6 18:30、8/9 13:00

Terror 2000-Intensivstation Deutschland


35mm(digital version) / 60min. / 1990 / Germany / Subtitles supported by YANASHITA Kiichiro

“Kill the Poles!” A furniture store owner and a Neo-Nazi masquerading as a priest gang up citizens to exterminate the immigrants and bring ethnic cleansing. All hell soon breaks loose when two insane policemen investigating the massacre join the scene. This movie is a violent conflict drama that acts as a precisely drawn caricature of the modern hate-filled society, being far from “political correctness.” The final movie of Schlingensief’s “German Trilogy”, continuing from Adolf Hitler, and German Chainsaw Massacre. Digitally re-mastered.