L Experimenta India

4works 78min

Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/9 18:30
Spiral Hall(TOKYO):8/10 11:00
Kyoto Art Center(KYOTO):8/22 19:00
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):9/30 16:30


The Lost Head and the Bird

Sohrab HURA

digital / 10min. / 2018 / India

A film which is a modern mediascape drawn out by photographs from Hura’s journey along the Indian coast and material collected off the internet, Specially Mentioned in the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.



Prantik BASU

digital / 26min. / 2016 / India

Lying south of West Bengal, there lies a mountain range known by the name of Sakhisona by the native people. Folklore and 6th-century artifacts of the land weave together a story winning the Tiger Award for the short film section of the 2017 Rotterdam International Film Festival.


Noon Day Dispensary

Priya SEN

digital / 27min. / 2014 / India

A cinéma vérité documentary filmed in a government-run free clinic in the resettlement sites of Delhi. The camera captures how the illegal inhabitants of the city become legal.


I am Micro

Shumona GOEl and Shai HEREDIA

35mm(digital version) / 15min. / 2015 / India

In this beautiful experimental essay movie filmed in monochrome, a low budget film crew talks about their memories in an abandoned lens factory.