K Animation: Kingdom of Dreams The Sleepless Mind

3works 77min

Spiral Hall(TOKYO):8/9 19:00、8/12 16:00
Yokohama Museum of Art(YOKOHAMA):9/17 11:30
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):9/30 14:00


The Burden

Niki Lindroth von BAHR

digital / 15min. / 2017 / Sweden

A dark musical that unfolds in a mall beside a highway, where fish, monkeys, and naked mole-rats dance and sing to their boredom and anxiety of their existence in their workplace. A praised film, winning 28 awards in various international film festivals, such as the grand prize in the 2017 Annecy International Animation Film Festival, directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr, known for Pool.


The Night of the Plastic Bags

Gabriel HAREL

digital / 18min. / 2018 / France

Agatha, 39, desperately wanting a child, tries to go to Marseille to get back together with her DJ ex-boyfriend, but in the town, plastic bags suddenly gain their own will and start attacking people. The newest work of Gabriel Harel, winner of awards at the Japan Media Arts Festival and the Hiroshima International Animation Festival with his previous film Yúl and the Snake.

This Magnificent Cake!

Emma de SWAEF and Marc James ROELS

digital / 44min. / 2018 / Belgium

Taking place in colonized Congo at the end of the 19th century, the puppet animation follows 5 stories; a king who suffers from insomnia, a Pygmy slave who works in a resort hotel, a merchant who fell dead in the midst of an expedition, a porter lost in his way, and an escaped soldier. Invited to this year’s Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes.