J Short Program: Stories Out of Reach

4works 76min

Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/4 15:45
Spiral Hall(TOKYO):8/9 16:20
Kyoto Art Center(KYOTO):8/21 19:00
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):9/30 11:30


Death of Sound Man


digital / 16min. / 2017 / Thailand

Two movie crewmen try to record good sound effects by collecting sound material from a variety of things, such as sausages, flags, and camels. But they have a major worry: Are sound effects really that important to those watching a movie? In this film, the political implications behind the humor bring out the dark side of conditions in Thailand.


The Double


digital / 22min. / 2015 / Netherlands

A life-size doll of a certain white man is made. Who is this man? Multiple narratives answer this question, as the camera eventually moves into the depths of the jungles of Papua New Guinea. A bizarre portrait of a literal “human figure,” moving between mystery and clear understanding.


The Remembered Film


digital / 18min. / 2018 / Belgium

In a beautiful forest, illuminated by occasional gunfire, some boys wander in camouflage, excitedly talking of their experience on the battleground to the camera. In an uncertain land and an uncertain battleground, with insecure child soldiers, the mixture of truth and delusion brings a strange charm to this documentary with some unusual twists.


The Argument (with annotations)


digital / 20min. / 2017 / Canada

The narrator brings a question, bringing another question, then another. A crafty play on logic referencing works of T.S. Eliot, Homer, Groucho Marx, John Carpenter, and Terrence Davis, developing into a situation where even the subject of those questions are questioned.