digital / color / 26min. / 2017 / Hong Kong
Falling petals, flying snowflakes, fragments of memory…all are transient just like our dreams. Without thoughts, there need not be a concrete plot or captivating story to tell. Just as philosopher Zhuang Zi wrote–the fools think they are awake. Each scene and image exudes illusion and fantasy. The absence of plot and dialogues allows freedom in interpretation and clarity. The symphony of images becomes a poem for the audience to treasure.(T.Y.)

The conversation of girls in a classroom at dusk, a monologue given by a young man in an unusually large shower room, a strange arrangement of people in an ordinary cafeteria, and the dogs, mirrors, and water that appear over and over again… Fragments that are neither clearly dreams nor reality gently accumulate, inducing a sense of déjà vu in the audience. The subject is another reality = dream that is the polar opposite of hallucinatory images created with a series of short shots.(N.T.)


Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/6 13:00 Program A
Spiral Hall(TOKYO):8/11 11:00 Program A
Lumen Gallery(KYOTO):8/25 13:30 Program A
Yokohama Museum of Art(YOKOHAMA):9/16 11:30 Program A
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):9/29 11:30 Program A