Tokyo Ramblin’


digital / color / 5min. / 2018

animation, editor: FURUKAWA Taku / sound design: HASHIMOTO Hiromitsu

The Japanese word “utsu” means “empty” or “hollow,” while “utsurou” means “move” or “transition.” “Utsutsu” means “actuality” or “reality.” In between a dream and reality, inside an airplane just before landing I become a butterfly and wandered through Tokyo. A work inspired by zen art, Zhuang Zi, and everyday life in Tokyo.(F.T.)

An airplane looks down at the nighttime scenery of Tokyo from the sky. A male passenger begins to doze off even though it is about to land. In his dream he turns into a butterfly and floats from one famous sightseeing spot to the next. People’s lives are glimpsed inside buildings with long histories and clusters of modern structures. The wispy, simple lines and fluctuating depiction they create are effective. An animated work full of the excitement one feels before a journey. (T.S.)


Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/6 13:00 Program A
Spiral Hall(TOKYO):8/11 11:00 Program A
Lumen Gallery(KYOTO):8/25 13:30 Program A
Yokohama Museum of Art(YOKOHAMA):9/16 11:30 Program A
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):9/29 11:30 Program A