On The Way Home


digital / color / 3min. / 2018 / Japan

An instant between reality and a dream, in which a father and a daughter become one.(K.M.)

A father and daughter head home through a shopping district. She rides on his back, and begins to drift off as she sways to the rhythm of his steps. The fantastic scenery of her dream undergoes dizzying transformations as it incorporates the sounds and atmosphere around her as well as the feeling of her father’s back. A drawn animation that charms with its creative development and presentation of motion that creates rich expression out of highly skillful depiction. (S.M.)


Theatre Image Forum(TOKYO):8/6 13:00 Program A
Spiral Hall(TOKYO):8/11 11:00 Program A
Lumen Gallery(KYOTO):8/25 13:30 Program A
Yokohama Museum of Art(YOKOHAMA):9/16 11:30 Program A
Aichi Arts Center(NAGOYA):9/29 11:30 Program A